100 new homes for Stapleford and Shelford?

One hundred new homes off Hinton Way and Mingle Lane have come a step closer.  

Around 100 new homes in the area have been included as a list of potential

development sites, for the new draft Greater Cambridge Local Plan published on Aug 31.

The draft plan identifies an area of 10 hectares between Hinton Way and Mingle

Lane for possible future development.

“Maximum capacity limited to 100 homes, relating to Cambridgeshire Fire Service

requirements for no more than 100 homes to be served via a single vehicular

access,” the new report states.

“There may be potential for a higher capacity if an additional access could be


“(It is) Very well located in relation to existing railway station, with resulting excellent

access to Cambridge, and to Cambridge Biomedical Campus once the new Cambridge

South station is open, providing the exceptional circumstances required for Green Belt release.

“Development should accommodate the following constraints:

  • Design of development should preserve key views from Stapleford Conservation Area including from Mingle Lane past St Andrew’s Church and the adjacent vicarage.

  • Open space to be provided to the east of the built development to help provide compensatory improvements to the environmental quality and accessibility of remaining Green Belt.

Out of over 690 sites put forward by developers and landowners, and another 200 considered by planners, only 19 new sites are proposed to be taken forward into the new Plan

The new Local Plan is the most important document you've (probably) never heard of. It will affect how we live, work and play in Greater Cambridge over the next 20 years and beyond.

The sites are published as part of the draft First Proposals for the new Plan, made public ahead of decision-making by Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire District councillors through their respective committee processes. Once Councillors have reviewed and commented on the proposed sites, the list will be finalised for public consultation. This consultation is due to start at the beginning of November.

Posted Aug 31 2021


Stapleford planning


Dernford reservoir proposals

New proposals have emerged for Dernford reservoir between Stapleford and Little Shelford.

Russell Smith Farms are assessing the potential redevelopment of the former Dernford Quarry at Stapleford to provide a community country park with camping and caravanning facilities.

They are applying for planning permission for a caravan park in conjunction with the Caravan and Motorhome Club. As part of the caravan park, there would be further amenities that would benefit the local community.

This would include water-based activities, a farm shop/ café and a children’s play area.

An outdoor event space is also proposed with various options:

• Competitor camping for sporting events like triathlons and duathlons

• Outdoor cinema

• Food festivals

There will be scope for a variety of ancillary sport and recreation facilities, which could include a bowling green, gym, sauna, tennis courts, all-weather courts (for football), farm shop and associated parking.

This initial consultation will run from Monday 24th May for a six week period until 5th July.

Read more details at the South Cambridge Waterpark website.

Posted May 28 2021

1,000 homes proposed for Stapleford

Major housing developments for more than 1,000 new homes have been proposed for Stapleford.

Proposals include up to 987 new homes centred around a new station for the new tramway on land east of Haverhill Road.

There are also proposals to build new homes on the allotments

The proposals for Stapleford include:

Land to the east of Haverhill Road, Stapleford 987 homes

Land at Hinton Road, Stapleford – up to 500 homes.

Land to the north east of Gog Magog Way Stapleford - 200 homes

Land south of Hinton Way, Stapleford - Up to 100 homes or a retirement village

Land east of Haverhill Road, Stapleford – up to 58 homes.

Wedd Joinery, Granta Terrace, Stapleford - 25 homes

The suggested developments are a long way from reality. The proposals have been made as part of a ‘First Conversation’ consultation to create a new Local Plan for the area by 2023.

Developers and landowners have put forward their initial proposals for homes across sites in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire.

The first wave of the consultation took place in January and February. The next public consultation stage is planned for Autumn 2021.

These proposals are not planning applications. Councils stress that none of the suggested sites have any real planning status at this stage and far more land for development has been suggested than will be required to meet the area’s housing needs.

The Greater Cambridge Local Plan will set out where development in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire is allowed to happen, and what it should include – such as homes, business space, community facilities, shops, leisure facilities and green spaces. It will guide how development should help address current and future environmental, social and economic issues.

You can read the responses and a summary report on the Greater Cambridge Planning Service

website: www.greatercambridgeplanning.org/localplan (The site can be challenging to navigate - you may find it easier to click on the links within the story to read about specific proposed schemes.)

map of all the proposals can be seen here.

You can have your say about the proposals by contacting South Cambridgeshire District Councillors Peter Fane or Nick Semple or Stapleford Parish Council.

Read the coverage in the Cambridge Independent.

Posted September 18 2020.