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Thomas Blossom

Thomas Blossom was one of the founding fathers of America. Thomas and Anne Blossom were among the first Puritan settlers in New England. He was born in Little Shelford around 1580 and lived in Great Shelford before moving to America..

His American descendants include former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

Thomas Blossom was one of at least seven children born to Peter Blossom and his second wife, Annabel. The Blossoms lived in Little Shelford, Great Shelford and Stapleford.

Thomas Blossom married Anne Elsdon on November 10, 1605, at St. Clement Church, Cambridge and had six children. 

Thomas Blossom emigrated to Leiden in Holland around 1609. In 1620, he was part of the original Pilgrim Fathers emigrating to America for greater religious freedom.


The Mayflower and the Speedwell were to sail as companion ships to America. The Speedwell was a little ship of 60 tons, which had been purchased and fitted out in Holland for the Pilgrim congregation. She sailed on July 26, 1620, from the port of Delfthaven, for Southampton, where the Mayflower had been waiting for a week with passengers from London. It was found that the little Speedwell needed repairs before putting out to sea.


The two vessels then set sail for their long voyage, but the Speedwell proved leaky and both vessels put into Dartmouth for further repairs. Then, once more, they sailed together and progressed some 300 miles westward from Land's End, when the captain of the Speedwell complained further of his boat's unseaworthiness. Again, the two vessels turned back, this time putting into Plymouth, and here it was decided to dismiss the Speedwell after a redistribution of passengers and cargo. The 'Speedwell' set sail from Southampton, on Aug 5, but about 300 miles from Lands End, England, the ship had to turn back as it was leaking.


This passage is from the log of the Mayflower: "Deacon Thomas Blossom and his son were well known as of Pastor Robinson's flock at Leyden. They returned moreover to Holland from Plymouth, England (when they gave up the voyage) via London." 

Thomas and his family returned to Leyden until he and others emigrated to the Plymouth Colony in 1629.

Thomas Blossom and his family sailed from Gravesend in March 1629 aboard the Mayflower (not the original ship) and arrived in Salem on March 15, 1629. They were brought to Plymouth by boat and lived there where Thomas was believed to be a Deacon or Elder until he died of the “infectious feaver” of 1632/3.

Key Dates

1580: Born in Little Shelford, Cambridgeshire 

1605: Married Anne Elsdon at St Clements Church, Cambridge, England

1609: Thomas Blossom moved to Leyden (Leiden), Holland.

1620: First attempt to sail to America on the 'Speedwell' failed.

1629: Thomas and his family sailed to Massachusetts.

1632/3: Thomas died in Barnstable, Massachusetts, or Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay Colony

In 1625 Thomas Blossom joined in signing a letter dated 30 Nov 1625, from Leiden Separatists to (William) Bradford, Governor of Massachusetts and he was the sole signer of a letter of 15 Dec 1625, to Bradford. In the December letter he deplores the difficulty the Leiden people had in reuniting with the Separatists in Plymouth and he states that the only way the Leiden group could join the others would be with the means coming from Plymouth.

1633: In his history of Plymouth, Bradford included an account of the infectious epidemic of 1633, and mentioned specifically Thomas Blossom, Richard Masterson and Samuel Fuller as dying in that year.

1633: That Thomas Blossom died before 1 Jul 1633, is confirmed in a letter of that date from Rev. Ralph Smith, in Plymouth, to Rev. Hugh Goodyear, in Leiden, referring to "Tho: Bloso[m] our brother who now sleepeth".

1633: The tax list of 25 Mar 1633, includes an entry for Widow Blossom, so Thomas' death would have taken place before that.

Marriage 1: Anna (OR Ann) HELSDON; (OR Elsdon, Elsden, Heilsdon, Heilson, Alston and many other surname
b. about 1583-1590, Leyden/Leiden, Holland, (OR more likely England)..
Married: 10 Nov 1605 in St. Clement's, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England (OR Leiden, Zuid, Holland, the

1. Elizabeth Blossom, b: 1620 in South Leiden, Holland, Netherlands.
2. Frances BLOSSOM b: Abt. 1591-1622, in Parham, Somerset, England.
3. Thomas BLOSSOM Jr,. b: about 1620-1625, in probably. Leiden, Holland. Thomas married Sarah Ewer, 18 Jun
1645, at Barnstable. Edmond Freeman performed the ceremony, as noted by Rev. John Lothrop.
4. Peter Blossom, b: about 1627, in Leyden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.

(Thomas Blossom's widow, Anna, married 2: 17 Oct 1633, Henry Rowley and lived in Scituate.

Plymouth Church Records, Vol. I and II, 1620-1859
The 5th Chapt:
Anno: 1626
When the Church Came away out of Holland they brought with them one deacon Mr Samuell ffuller whoe officiated in that office amongst them vntill his death hee was a Good man and full of the holy speritt; hee died before our Reuerend Elder
before Named; And the Church saw Cause to Chose two others to that office: Richard Masterson and Thomas Blossom
two holy men; whoe were experienced saints; the said Richard Masterson haueing bin officious with prte of his estate for
publick Good; and a man of Abillitie as a second steuen to defend the truth by sound argument Grounded on the
scriptures of truth; and the other alsoe Competently accomplished with abillities in that behalfe these two blessed saints
liued not longe after they were Cosen but Changed this life for a better within a little time one after another; about the year
1626 if I mistake not.

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BIRTH: By about 1580 based on date of marriage; he was probably son of Peter and Annabel (_____) Blossom of Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire [ TAG 63:73]. (See MD 39:181-82 for another, less likely proposed parentage for the immigrant.)
DEATH: Plymouth before 25 March 1633 [ PCR 1:11].
MARRIAGE: St. Clement's, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, 10 November 1605 Anne Elsdon [ TAG 63:70]; she married (2) Plymouth 17 October 1633 HENRY ROWLEY (as his second wife) [ PCR 1:16].

2. Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer's Register. (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co, 1860-1862), vol. 1 .

[Blossom] "THOMAS, one of the Pilgrims, wh. came from Leyden to Plymouth, but being on board the Speedwell, was disappoint. of passage in the Mayflower from Eng. and soon went back to encourage emigra. of the residue. A s. wh. came and return. with him, d. bef. Dec. 1625, and two other ch. had been b. in the interval. See a good let. from him to Gov. Bradford in Young's Chron. of the Pilgr. 480. He came again, 1629, prob. in the Mayflower, if the below. name would attract the few for Plymouth, when the larger part of the fellow-voyagers with Higginson were bound for Salem; was deac. and d. after short possessn. of the land of promise, in the summer of 1633. Prince, Annals, 437, of Ed. 1826. His wid. Ann m. 17 Oct. of that yr. Henry Rowley; and d. Elizabeth m. 10 May 1637, Edward Fitzrandle."

"Genealogical Guide to the Early Settlers of America" page 46, at the Lincoln Library, Springfield, Illinois.)

Thomas Blossom, one of the Pilgrims, who came from Leyden to Plymouth, but being on board the "Speedwell" was disappointed of passage in the "Mayflower" from England, and soon went back to encourage immigration of the residue. He came again in 1629, probably in the "Mayflower." By his wife Ann, he had Thomas, and perhaps others.

Details of Blossom’s involvement on the original Mayflower trip

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