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Neighbourhood Plan: complete the survey and have your say about the future of Great Shelford


Organisers have been really encouraged by the number of responses so far to our first Neighbourhood Plan survey for Stapleford and Great Shelford.


Thank you to everyone who has filled it in, talked to us at pop-up events and shared your views about what is important to you about the place where we live/work.


In a nutshell, we want to understand what’s good, what needs fixing and what’s missing, as we seek to meet our villages’ planning needs and support a thriving community through to 2040 and beyond. Survey questions cover topics such as: what you like and dislike about living/working here; what kind of new homes you think we need and where they should be located; your views on our greenbelt and environmental challenges; and how you travel around our wider area.


Some common themes are beginning to emerge from the survey. However, they are vital in helping us to focus the Neighbourhood Plan on the things which matter most to you. Once the plan is finished, our collective priorities will be reflected in planning policies specific to our villages and sit alongside the Local Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework when assessing planning applications in our area.


The survey will be open until just after Great Shelford Feast in July, and we will be out in the community talking to people at Stapleford Show (Sat 4th June) and Great Shelford’s Jubilee Event (5th June). It can be accessed online through the link on our website,


Hard copies and a Neighbourhood Plan display are available at Great Shelford library. If you are housebound, we can deliver a survey to you and collect it later. To arrange this, email or call our Clerk, Libby White, on 01223 616622.

Posted May 24 2022


Guided busway survey


81% of people who took part in MP Anthony Browne’s survey earlier this year said they would not or probably not support the guided busway on the edge of Stapleford and Great Shelford.

58% said they would definitely or probably support the alternative option using the A1307 and 85% would never or only rarely use the CSET busway.

Now there is a major new survey about the proposals in which you need to have a say.

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA) is currently reviewing its Local Transport and Connectivity Plan (LTCP) and has launched a public consultation. This gives you a chance to share your thoughts on the CSET Busway and transport issues more generally. 

Click this link.  Follow through the first two pages (answering required questions 1-6), before coming to a map of Cambridgeshire.

Click 'South Cambridgeshire' to be directed to the Greater Cambridge section.

This section contains two questions, one offering a simple choice of how much you support the proposals, and a second box asking for more detailed feedback.

If you wish to give feedback directly regarding the guided bus scheme, this box is the best place for you to do so.

If you oppose the current proposals to build a concrete busway across the Cambridge green belt at the Gog Magog hills, please use this opportunity to tell our local transport authorities to stop these destructive plans.

Click here to fill in the full LTCP Consultation

Click here to view the relevant CSET section of the LTCP Consultation

Posted May 24 2022


 2022 Stapleford Community Primary School PTA Fun Run 


The Stapleford Fun Run is taking place once again and is now back to its traditional June date . There are three distances runners can take part in; 1km, 4km and 8km.


If you register to take part before the day the suggested donation is £10 for adults and £5 for children. Prices increase on the day of the event. To avoid queues on the day, it would be very helpful if you could register beforehand.


There are prizes available for the fastest individual runners and for the person wearing the most imaginative fancy dress.


For full details and pre-event registration please go to



Thanks to our sponsors 


We would like to  thank each of the local firms sponsoring the Fun Run and raising funds for our school: Redmayne Arnold & Harris, The Pizza & Kitchen Co, Shelford and Stapleford Strikers FC, Scotsdales, House of Colour, Gymbo’s Strength Fitness & Wellbeing and South Cambridge Physiotherapy . We are extremely grateful for their support for the 2022 Fun Run.


Posted May 23 2022


Election results

The Liberal Democrats held both District Council seats in the Shelfords and Stapleford in the May 5 election.

Sitting councillor Peter Fane topped the poll with 1612 votes.

William Jackson-Wood came second for the Liberal Democrats with 1198 votes to win the other seat for this area.

Conservative  Ben Shelton was third with 924 votes while fellow Tory Andrew Appleyard was fourth with 889 votes.

* There were no parish council elections as there weren't enough candidates. But Ben Shelton joined both Great Shelford Parish Council and Stapleford Parish Council on May 5. Great Shelford still has two vacancies while Stapleford now has four vacancies.


Stapleford Twinning Association new website and events

The Association’s committee has been busy.

We now have a completely new website: We think you’ll find it much easier to navigate than before and we’ll be keeping it up-to-date with news of our activities. Do have a look through the pages and let us know if you have any comments via

Although Covid levels remain high, and there remains some nervousness about meeting together, our first two events have been arranged for the outdoors, for the most part. Some of our events are for members only but non-members are more than welcome to join us for either of the ones below:

  • Village Weekend 4th June 2pm-4pm Bottle Stall – please stop by and have a chat!

  • Sunday June 12th 3.00 pm Walking Quiz around Stapleford. Meet by the Villedômer Garden at the Slaughterhouse Land and finish in the Three Horseshoes.

We hope to see you at one of those!

Posted April 19 2022

Hairforce One changes

Hairforce One has closed its doors after 22 years.


"I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all Past and Present members of staff. Without you all Hairforceone-one wouldn’t have been the success that it was," said owner Helen.


"In particularly Barbara, who only came to help me out for a couple of weeks soon after I first opened and stayed ever since."


The salon has transformed to Lucy Warner Hair on April 19.

Helen will still be working every Thursday at the salon. So she has only semi retired.

Posted April 19

Miles is back


Local butcher Miles Nicholas has always been a well known face in the village, starting his career in Ellis' Bucthery in Great Shelford in 1980 before moving to Stapleford Spar Butchery in 1989. He has been serving the community and providing high quality and welcoming service where ever he has been.

Miles is not only the local butcher but a key part of the community from doing talks with the WI, is part of the Annual Stapleford Village Show committee to fund raising for the local hospital. This determined and passionate man has now gone on to start his own adventure in the beautiful country side of BayThorne End in Essex.

Miles has partnered up with butcher Matt Morgan who Miles trained in the profession in 2012. Miles is now continuing his passion for butchery along side Matt at Morgans Butchery at BayThorne Hall. Baythorne Hall is home to not only Morgans Butchery but Ben and Ella's farm shop, a bakery with freshly baked bread, garden and flower shop, antiques shop, cafe and even a winery.

Morgans Butchery is proud to serve locally sourced meat from around the Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. The welcoming atmosphere and quaint asthetics of Baythorne Hall make it definitely worth a visit.

From growing up in Stapleford and starting in the local corner shop to now embarking on his new venture at Morgans Butchery, Miles continues furthering his passion and is starting new cookery and butchery workshops from his new setting. If his previous talks and courses have been anything to go by you will not want to miss these.

Morgans Butchery has now teamed up with Docky Barn Cafe at Copley Hill Business Park, making a simple, convenient and easy way to order and collect your locally sourced meat from Morgans Butchery delivered to Dockys on a weekly basis for you to collect at a time to suit you.

For more updates on Miles' new adventure you can follow him on Instagram @Miles_the_butcher or why not pay him a visit at Morgans Butchery, Baythorne Hall, Baythorne End, Halstead, CO9 4AH

Posted April 19 2022

Stapleford and Shelfords Ukraine support update

Over 60 households in the Shelfords and Stapleford have offered accommodation for up to 120 Ukrainian refugees following the campaign 

by the local group Open ArmS In Shelfords/Stapleford (OASISS). This is there update:


We are delighted to report that the response to OASISS has been extraordinary – we do live in a community filled with generous and caring individuals, not to mention the churches and organisations who have also stepped up to the plate. We have also had families join from Hauxton, Duxford, and Trumpington.


Where we are:

We have over 60 households offering accommodation for over 120 people. Many of you brave people have generously offered to host mothers and children; the need now is for accommodation for adults, some of whom are elderly. Please let us know whether you can accommodate adults and pass this on to others who may have felt they couldn’t accommodate children.


As we speak, we have approached a dozen households in total who are in communication with people seeking refuge. We are learning that the process is a journey, with hiccoughs along the way, so we have some time before we need to make up beds! The visa process is challenging, but there are people around to guide you through the process.


War brings inevitable chaos, and things take time; our original idea of bringing a community of people who already know one another is unlikely to work, but we are told that just being Ukrainian is bringing people together.  We can build on that in our own community.. We have been approached by a local organisation, the Cambridge4Ukraine initiative in partnership with Cambridge University Ukrainian Society (CUUS). So, in addition to letting us know that you are willing to host, we will now ask you to sign up by completing this form.

OASISS: What we need now:

A|website, legal and financial skills and admin skills


  1. The huge response has generated an enormous number of emails and we need to share the load with a larger team. Please could we encourage people who have been unable to offer to house people but have time and administrative and organisation skills to contact us.

  2. A website will soon be very necessary and will help with communication- if there is someone out there who has the skills to develop a website. Time is of the essence.

  3. We will need help with financial and legal issues. People are generously offering funds, but we have no bank account, though we are investigating short term solutions. Others may be comfortable in guiding folk through the visa process. Please do let us know.


For the future:


Many of you have offered to help with activities and social support, as well as with practical help such as finding bicycles or even teaching English. We will be approaching you all for broader offers of help in the future, so please think about ways in which you or the organisations with which you are involved could help.


Some of you have already pledged money to help with travel or with the immediate needs of refugees. We are happy to receive promises of financial gifts, but do not yet have the mechanism to accept these.


Thank you again to everyone who has offered help in any way.


The team at Open ArmS In Shelfords/Stapleford (OASISS)

Posted March 31 2022


Dernford reservoir island


The island in the middle of Dernford reservoir has been fenced off to deter birds.


The owners have revealed that they have been forced to take the action because it was requested by the Ministry of Defence as the reservoir is on the flight path to Cambridge Airport.


“A number of people are very upset about the fencing that has been erected, and we totally understand this,” said a statement from owner Robert Smith of Russell Smith Farms.


“This is NOT something that we wanted to do. The farm has been told that if we do not comply by February 26th with a condition imposed by the County Council to fence the island we will be fined and potentially taken to court.


“This condition was requested by the MoD as the reservoir is in the flight path for Marshalls Airport. This is a historical condition and has absolutely nothing to do with any proposals on the site.


“We certainly never wanted to fence the island.”

Posted Feb 17 2022


Toxic chemical found in water of some Great Shelford and Stapleford homes says The Guardian


More than 1,000 people in Great Shelford and Stapleford may have drunk water with dangerously high levels of toxic chemicals according to a report in The Guardian published on February 8.


MP Anthony Browne has demanded an urgent investigation.


Cambridge Water has said that tests have recently been carried out across Great Shelford and Stapleford and our water is safe.


The Guardian report claimed that toxic chemicals called perfluorooctane sulphonate (PFOS) were in some of the water supplied to Great Shelford and Stapleford in June 2021. It said they were from a water borehole near Duxford airfield.


The newspaper reported that the aquifer was found to have PFOS levels at almost 400 nanograms per litre (ng/l) of water – four times the Drinking Water Inspectorate’s limit.


​Great Shelford Parish Council called an emergency meeting about the issue on February 9.


The meeting was told that all houses in Great Shelford and Stapleford receive the same blend of water from four boreholes, including the Duxford aquifer.


When water samples from Duxford were found to have a slightly higher level of some chemicals in June 2021, the use of the aquifer was discontinued even though the increased level was still acceptable Cambridge Water Operations Director Andrew Lobley told the special meeting.


The public was not informed about the change at the time as it was not a breach of safety guidelines.


Anthony Browne MP for South Cambridgeshire condemned Cambridge Water's conduct and fears that "thousands of residents" may have been drinking the toxic chemicals.

"I’m appalled at the conduct of Cambridge Water in letting this incident happen and then concealing it. The continued secrecy around how many people have been affected, and the impact on our precious aquifer, is unacceptable.

"I urge Cambridge Water to come clean about the extent of the incident, both in terms of who was affected and how long it went on for. They must directly inform affected residents."


Read the full story in The Guardian.

BBC coverage of the story

Cambridge News coverage

Cambridge Independent coverage

Updated Feb 27 2022


MP demands busway re-think


South Cambridgeshire MP Anthony Browne has demanded a re-think for the controversial off-road busway after a survey revealed more than 80 per cent of respondents do not support it.

The £132million Cambridge South East Transport (CSET) busway would run through green fields in Great Shelford and Stapleford.

A total of 1,958 submissions were made to the MP’s survey which found 71.96% of respondents would “definitely not” support the GCP’s preferred route and a further 8.99% would “probably not” support it.

Of those who responded to the survey, just 5.57% said they would use the busway regularly, and an overwhelming majority of 74.67% said they would not use it at all.

The survey also revealed support for the reopening of the Haverhill to Cambridge railway line as a longer-term alternative to the busway – 68.54%.

“This survey received more responses from people directly impacted by the scheme than any one of the four GCP consultations,” said Mr Browne.

“They spoke in near-unanimity opposing the project. Alongside the many environmental concerns, comments spoke of cost pressures, better alternatives, and a phenomenal lack of engagement with local people.

“This cannot be news to the GCP, who have received appeals from parish councils, environment groups, campaigners, businesses, and residents. And yet still they push on, preparing to spend over £100million of public money unnecessarily carving up the countryside for a service the vast majority of residents say they would not use.

“The immediate need could be met with a more popular, cheaper, and less environmentally damaging scheme using existing infrastructure on the A1307. In the longer term, a rail link between Haverhill and Cambridge would allow more people to travel further, faster, and cheaper than any bus service. The GCP must take another look at these and rethink their current plans.”

Posted Feb 15 2022


Go ahead for retirement village


Controversial proposals to build a retirement village on green belt in Stapleford have been given the go ahead.

The retirement care village will include 220 residential units on green belt land between Haverhill Road, Stapleford and Hinton Way, Great Shelford.

There will also be facilities for the wider community to use including wellness facilities, a swimming pool and a new 50-acre Countryside Park.

There were 54 objections to the original proposal. One resident from Haverhill Road in Stapleton who submitted a letter to South Cambridgeshire Council said they were worried any development would "irreversibly change" the character of the area.

They added: "The proposed development of Greenbelt land combined with the planned busway would devastate the delightful rural character of our village.”

The proposal was originally rejected by South Cambs Council in April 2021. But it was given the go ahead following a planning appeal at the end of last year.

Developers Axis Land Partnerships said the high-end retirement village would include an investment of £15 million, creating 190 jobs during construction. 

Axis Land Partnerships is part of the Sir Robert McAlpine Group and are working in partnership with the landowner of the proposed development site.

In a statement issued on February 7, lSouth Cambs councillors said they are disappointed that the Planning Inspectorate has allowed plans for a retirement village in protected countryside to progress.


South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Lead Cabinet Member for Planning, Cllr Dr.Tumi Hawkins, said: “We are naturally disappointed by the Planning Inspectorate’s decision, but at the same time we must note the different balance the Planning Inspector struck and we are bound to accept their decision. We were very clear in the reasons that we gave for our refusal and did not feel that the very special circumstances outlined by the developer justified this scheme. However, we do not plan to challenge the decision because the Inspector was very clear in their view which means the likelihood of a successful challenge is greatly reduced.”

Details about the planning appeal can be found here

The original planning application from July 2020 can be read here.

Updated Feb 7 2022


On this map of the retirement care village, Hinton Way can be seen on the top left, Haverhill Road on the bottom right and Gog Magog Way at the bottom of the picture.

New Chair for Parish Council

Stapleford Parish Council has a new leader.


Gillian Pett (right) has taken over the Chair from Howard Kettel.

The council is also recruiting a new Parish Clerk.

The Parish Council is now down to six members following the resignation of Jez Raphael.

This is a statement from the Parish Council about the overall changes.


"As many people will be aware, Stapleford Parish Council has undergone some changes in personnel recently. Other than clerks, all members of the Parish Council are volunteers and give their time freely to working for, and on behalf of, the community. Recently, we have experienced a number of unrelated changes, with a couple of our long-serving councillors retiring due to ill health, another needing to spend more time on their business interests, etc. Our part-time Assistant Clerk is moving on to take up a full-time job in Cambridge City and our Clerk will be consolidating her work with multiple other Parish Councils with which she has worked for many years. Contact details remain the same whilst both Clerks remain in post.


"None of these changes alter our ability to function as a Parish Council and councillors remaining in post are committed to continuing with our current work, plans and support for the community. To this end, we have reshuffled roles and responsibilities and are delighted to announce that Gillian Pett will be taking on the position of Chair. This will enable our out-going Chair, Howard Kettel (who remains a Stapleford Parish Councillor), to focus more on the major CSET threat to our greenbelt, and on finance and asset development, and to spend more time on other voluntary commitments.


"Stapleford Parish Council has been without its full complement of 11 Councillors for a long time. In fact, nationwide, it's difficult to find people to join parish councils, given the pressures of work and family life and the breadth of responsibilities that parish councils take on. In Stapleford, we also have significant external pressures to which the Parish Council must respond, including CSET, housing pressures, one local plan following on from another, to name but a few. Despite all this, the Council has continued its record of achievement. In the past year, we have created a new multi-use games area (MUGA) for the village; we continue to provide high quality cricket and football facilities for local teams; our Jubilee pavilion is an important venue for community use; we have responded to multiple consultations on everything from major transport infrastructure projects to local plan proposals and changes to our conservation area; we review every planning application in the parish and respond when appropriate; we apply for grants to expand and improve community assets and the environment; we own and maintain the cemetery and have plans to create a wildlife meadow at the north end of the more recently purchased area of cemetery; we are rolling out a new environmental action plan for the village and our assets; we are about to embark upon a significant renovation of the children's playground at the Rec; and we keep our finances in good health. We have done a lot and we still have a lot to do.


"We would love more people to come forward and join us. If you have particular interests in helping to improve the biodiversity of the village, supporting our neighbourhood plan, investing our S106 funds from developers in village improvements, helping to maintain and develop our sports facilities, supporting local transport improvements and, more generally, in shaping the village over the coming years, then do get in touch. Let us know how much time you can give and we can try our best to match your interests and availability with our community needs. Our contact details are available at or you can email (this email remains unchanged, irrespective of who is in the role)."

Posted Nov 8 2021


Special public meeting about local plan

Great Shelford Parish Council and Stapleford Parish Council held a public meeting on Wednesday 1st December to hear your views on the proposed Local Plan.

The plan includes proposals to build 100 new homes on Green Belt off Hinton Way and Mingle Lane. For more information about those controversial proposals, click here.

For more information on the emerging local plan, please visit the Greater Cambridge Planning page: Greater Cambridge Local Plan

Those attending the meeting on Wednesday have been asked to carry out a lateral flow test before attending (only attending the meeting if negative). In line with Government advice, masks will be worn inside the Memorial Hall (unless you have an exemption).

Posted November 30 2021


Stapleford Parish Council Environment Group – top actions 


Stapleford Parish Councillors declared a climate and ecological emergency at their meeting on 7th October.


Listed below, in no particular order of priority, are initiatives which the Stapleford Environment Group wishes to investigate over the next 12 months, taking action as appropriate:

  • Conduct a community survey of environmental and ecological priorities

  • Have a green report done on the pavilion (and other SPC buildings, if appropriate) and to recommend actions following on its findings

  • See if we can work with 2G3S and other local environmental groups to develop and deliver ideas

  • Re-wild selected Stapleford verges and join CCC’s cut-and-collect trial

  • Investigate making thermal cameras available for community loan

  • Plant trees, wherever practicable

  • Create a meadow at the north end of the new cemetery and sow infilled graves in the old cemetery with wildflower seed; erect bird, bat and bee boxes; think about wildlife-friendly planting for the garden area of the new cemetery after these initial objectives have been achieved

  • Organise semi-regular (quarterly?) litter picking parties

  • Investigate the potential for a ‘community fridge’ to reduce food waste and where this might be located (Slaughterhouse?) – might Co-op, Tesco and Spar also contribute food past its sell by date?

  • Set up a regular community swap shop – books, toys, children's clothes, fruit & veg, etc – possibly in the Slaughterhouse or pavilion

  • Organise community environmental events, e.g. bike repair and maintenance sessions, repair cafe, vegan food trucks at events

  • Expand the environment section of SPC website to include, for example, non-meat meal recipes and restaurant recommendations from residents, links and resources on environmental issues, policies and activities for councillors and residents to access

  • Investigate grants available to support the above and other initiatives

  • Green/eco theme and events/activities at village fair, e.g. no single use plastics, flower and veg seed planting for children (using the ends of plastic bottles), invite Zero Carbon group, stalls for green energy providers, competition to make toys/robots/sculptures out of recycled materials, ladybird/bee/bird box painting, eco art competition.

  • Read a blog from Cllr Mick Gatward about why the Parish Council has taken this big step.

Posted Oct 31 2021


Stapleford's historic conservation area shrinks

Eight homes have been removed from Stapleford’s historic conservation area. They can be seen coloured in pink on the map below.

They are;

    • 23 Church Street

    • 5 Finch’s Close

    • 1 and 2a Dukes Meadow

    • 7, 9, 11 and 13 Gog Magog Way.

The changes follow a consultation earlier in 2021.

Stapleford conservation area.PNG

Posted Oct 26 2021


Children's playground update

Work on the under 12s playground was completed in December 2021.

The design of the new playground was directly influenced by Stapleford school children. They told the Parish Council they wanted a new slide, a trampoline and a sandpit – and that’s what they’re getting.

You can read all about how it’s been funded on the Parish Council website:

Updated January 4 2022


SSYI new centre opens

The Shelford and Stapleford Youth Initiative committee was very excited to be opening the new Youth Centre above the Memorial Hall in Woollards Lane in Great Shelford on Saturday 16th October.


It was a dream 25 years ago when SSYI was founded that they would have a permanent Youth Centre for our three villages and that dream and hope is now a reality.


They expect the centre to be used at least five days a week which will enhance their ability to serve the young people of our Villages and beyond. It is expected that at least 50 Young People will regularly access the Youth Centre and SSYI support and as the Youth Centre opens this number is expected to grow.

The Youth Centre was opened by Caroline Bewes DL, High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and a Little Shelford resident accompanied by the Deputy Lieutenant for the County, Professor Roderick Watkins. Caroline spoke at the opening about her involvement with SSYI in the early years and her passion for work with young people, which is her chosen charitable focus during her year in office.

Parish, District and County Councillors who helped provide some of the funding were also represented as well as private supporters and Church representatives. Malcolm Watson, Chair of Great Shelford Parish Council spoke about the PC’s support for SSYI since its inception and their contribution to finding this permanent home for SSYI while Marlon, one of the SSYI members who is taking on a “Young Leader” role at SSYI presented a bouquet to Caroline thanking her for cutting the ribbon and opening the new Centre.

Visit their web site for a video showing the interior of the Youth Centre and its facilities and for more information on how you can help SSYI as a volunteer, supporter or a committee member contact Zac Britton our lead youth worker on or

David J H Jones, Chair of Trustees SSYI,

Posted Oct 31 2021


Fun Run

A record 223 people took part in the Stapleford Fun Run.

Race registrations and sponsorship raised over £3,500 for the Stapleford Community Primary School.

The money will go towards renovating the school swimming pool.

Posted Oct 31 2021


Bike planter improvements


Jim Chisholm has replanted the ‘bike planter’ in front of the Stapleford Spar with herbs.


He has also raised the level to make it more user-friendly for cyclists.

Posted Aug 20 21


Stapleford Online survey results

Readers of the Stapleford Online website demanded two major changes as part of an online survey that took place earlier this summer.

Survey responses asked for clearer links that go straight to the story concerned rather than just a page. Comments included:

  • Links occasionally don't work

  • Things don't seem (to me) to be in chronological order so 'old' things are often near the top.

  • Easy to read links and when you click them they work!

  • It's just an endless column of info - it needs categorising better. It could do with info put into years and months - and some kind of side navigation

  • Clear categories nicely arranged. I like the "headlines" coming first so I can just go straight to the sections I want to read.

  • Most of the time fine. Occasionally, a section seems difficult to follow.


The layout was also criticised in the survey. Comments included:

  • I think the layout is very unsophisticated.

  • Not good - very basic. I don't like websites with fancy music and pop-ups, but the site is dated. Basic - no images

  • Easy to read

  • Maybe add some photos if events etc

  • Straightforward but a little bland

  • More photos would be good too

  • It’s straight to the point.


The survey results have heavily influenced the new Stapleford Online website, which was launched on September 1 2021. Changes include:

  • Improved linking, directly to the story concerned rather than just a page

  • More modern look and feel of the website

  • Mobile phone friendly website.

  • More local photos.

We would like to hear your feedback on the new website. Please send your views to

Posted Aug 22 21

Parish Pit ownership changes

Ownership of the Parish Pit is being transferred to the Magog Trust.


Consultation of Stapleford residents in Spring 2021 found overwhelming support for Stapleford Parish Council’s proposals to transfer ownership of Stapleford Parish Pit to Magog Trust.

  • 175 people supported the proposal to transfer ownership of the Pit and 5 people objected, i.e. 97% of respondents to Question 1 supported the proposal

  • 144 people supported the proposal to transfer the site to a charitable organisation and 3 people objected, i.e. 98% of respondents to Question 2 supported the proposal.


Read more about the transfer of the Parish Pit ownership on the Stapleford Parish Council website.

Posted Aug 18 21

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